I’m Chris Zehner. Functional programming enthusiast, command-line dabbler, systems programming novitiate and occasional web developer.

Contact Me

I live in San Francisco, California. You can email me as chris at this address or find me on twitter. Let me know if you’re in the area, happy to buy you a cup of coffee and chat.

Languages I’m already productive in: Desc

Hack/HHVM, Haskell, PHP, Javascript, Python, C

Focus on in 2018:

Rust, Algorithms & Data structures, and Javascript

2019 Goals: Always looking ahead

Hop on the ML bandwagon via Google’s AI crash course and Deeplearning.ai. I think speech recognition and voice interfaces are really interesting.



I support free-trade, universal healthcare and the EFF. Please derive the rest.

Journey :: Motivation -> Fun -> Profit -> Knowledge

Before I was paid to code, I improved GBDT and logistic regression models and worked on fraud-detection infrastructure and ETL for payments data at Facebook.

I had a lot of help from colleagues at Facebook and spent much of my time outside of work learning to code before moving into my current job, where I’m reasonably compensated for my machine-whispering abilities.